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The sole purpose of DÉCOR: make your house your home

THE sole purpose of décor: Make your house your home

Fashion and decor often get a bad rap. They are seen by many as frivolous and indulgent, materialistic and unimportant. Unimportant? I kindly disagree. 

While a Pinterest-perfect home is far from necessary, a home that makes you happy surely is. Whether you have a home full of coveted antiques, cool modern furniture, or nothing but antiquated furniture, if your home makes you happy, that’s what really matters.


YOUR HOME IS your sanctuary

Treat your home like the paradise that it is. Home is where we enjoy time with friends, relax after a long day, and create amazing memories. When decorating your home, think about the purpose you want it to serve, and design with that purpose in mind. Just by choosing the right lights and lamps, your room can become more relaxing, letting you have a better night’s sleep. A larger dining table with comfortable chairs encourages your beloved guests to stay for one more glass of wine.


“Home is where we create, relax, live, and love. A well-decorated home is a stage for a well-lived life.”

Just as one expresses themselves through their hairstyle or outfits, your home can be a true reflection of who you really are. If you live alone, go all out! Pick your favourite pieces and items and get creative, mixing and matching until your eyes see nothing that does not bring joy. If you share your home, collaborate with that person. Ask them what is important to them, what they love. While challenging, finding a way to bring two styles together can be a bonding experience, and the end product something you will both enjoy for a lifetime. When friends walk through your door, they should look around and see you. 


“Just like your choice in fashion or friends, how you decorate your home is a direct reflection of your personality.”

Everything from how you dress to what you want to order for dinner helps to define who you are, and that extends to décor, too. How we style our homes correlates to who you are, and the same goes with your décor too. How we style our homes comprehends to who we are and how we want others to perceive us.

Sometimes we are making these choices consciously, like picking a wild pattern that says, “I am here”, other times, we’re not as aware.

Decorating with lots of blankets and throw pillows, for instance, may mean you desire to make everyone feel welcome in your space. But if youre home is lacking sitting room for company, it could indicate that you prefer solitude to companionship. Or simply that youre still on an entry level salary.

If you love design from Victorian Period, one might argue that you want people to perceive you as classic and elegant. While if you are inclined towards Art Deco look, you would be more likely be viewed as artsy or a deep thinker. And simple, clean design – like completely bare kitchen counters could signify a type ‘A’ personality who opts for appearance over functionality.

As interior designer Jane Lockhart once said, there’s always those who opt for the middle ground of two distinct styles. “I think that when people do designs that are very neutral, where it’s not modern and it’s not traditional,” she said, “they’re good peacemakers because they like a little bit of everything.”

I would like to conclude by saying that your décor defines you and your home, so choose the styles which you could bring out the best vibes of you.


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Metal of the moment : Copper

Metal of the moment: COPPER

Copper continues to dominate to be the “it-metal” in decor industry and even in fashion too (just keeping you updated though!). Some people just cannot get enough of it and the others have become tired of the latest fashion. We see this warm metal still finding its way in all space and continues to be the favorite of interior stylists as they continue to admit their long standing obsession with copper. Thus we devote this article to the warm, rosy glow of this design phenomenon.

Keeping in mind that it was not long ago that copper was being celebrated as a major discovery. Stainless steel/ chrome, the subdued ones, were favorite for a long time. As the global lifestyle scenario changed, people had a desire for more warmth in the homes and were wanting more earthier and vibrant colors to be present in their space.

Copper has always captivated since in came in as a major trend. All Interior designers and Interior stylists fell to the attraction of this color which spans a spectrum of colors – from light rose-gold, luminous rust-red tones and orange through to oxidized brown. Copper created the glamorous and refined looks. “Major trend will be combining natural materials such as wood, stone, cork, metals (in particular copper).Combinations will vary from classic ones such as wood and marble to more unconventional ones such as raw concrete and gold. Simplicity of form will be key in the way each material will be mixed together.” Said Anna Van Dongen, Interior decorator.

Highly polished copper gives beautiful reflections of light and brushed copper has a very sophisticated and contemporary effect. Untreated copper ages and gets a patina over time making each object a unique one-off as time passes. Copper starts has a unique nature of living and growing with us.

Copper is very versatile and can be beautifully paired with glass, porcelain, stone, marble and wood – giving birth to a wealth of beautiful object.

Copper has found its space in every part of the living space for styling. Candle HoldersVaseslampsbathroom accessoriesphoto frameswall artsfloor lampstable decormirrorsbar accessoriescurtain rods and accessories, – copper has entered in our modern living with style.

The glow radiating from the shimmering copper home accessories provide class and elegance to your space of being.

Go and grab copper

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Let there be light

God said: “Let there be LIGHT!!” and there was light. Light is a necessity. When natural light is missing we need an artificial resource. Humans conquered nature yet again by creating artificial lighting. Some 400,000 BC fire was found by an accident. Thereafter in 70,000 BC the first man made lamp was invented with hollow rock, dried grass/wood and animal fat and ignited. This transitioned to oil/kerosene/gas lamps and even invention of candles in 3000BC till electricity was born in 1800.

Let’s just fast forward to today, what comes to your mind when you hear the word lights and lamps, I’m pretty sure you imagine a really beautiful lamp, it came to my mind though when I pictured lights and lamps!

Gone are the days when the sole purpose of lights was to illuminate the area, perfect lights add drama to space by creating visual interest while playing its role as the illuminator. Lighting is used to highlight paintings, sculptures and your prized possessions and what not. With space getting smaller and list of our requirements getting bigger, lighting serves the purpose of décor. Investment in lighting could never go waste as the need of buying additional décor is eliminated.

Lights are so important when it comes to home décor because they can make a real difference. We all know that lights can brighten up a darkened room, but they can have more of an impact than we all realize.

All I am trying to say is different types of lighting can create different effects which are essential if you want your room to look good, while ensuring it’s lit up well.

In my upcoming articles I will explain how to choose lights for different areas of your house.

And always, let there be light!

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Mirror mirror on the wall


You can’t hide anything from the mirror or so they say ” Mirrors never lie.” They are a true reflection of yourself. Frankly speaking, people fashion themselves in front of the mirror, but its time to realize that mirrors should be in fashion too!


Most people don’t really recognize how to make the most of mirrors as a part of home décor. Its the time for mirrors to be seen and admired than just reflect and show.
First things first, there is a need to realise that mirrors are a part of your décor and can be used in every single room. They can be the spokesman of your inanimate works of art.
They reflect light and create new dimensions in a space, amplify the apparent size of the room while adding another element to your décor.

Mirrors are often referred to as the aspirin of Feng Shui. If it’s done correctly the power of mirrors symbolically double your wealth, health and happiness. However when the Feng shui mirror placement is not correct it can do a lot of harm. The million dollar question you must ask yourself is “What does my mirror reflect?”

One must remember certain points while choosing mirrors. Always use clean, good quality new mirrors, although the frames might me antique. The bigger, the better. When hanging a mirror, you should be able to see the whole of your head and at least 5 inches above it.

The bathroom is one of the most obvious places to hang a mirror but that doesn’t mean that you need to go with the obvious when selecting your glass piece. Instead of just a traditional rectangular mirror over your sink, choose a mirror with a more unique shape. Even though this one is simple in design, the oblong oval shape makes it stand out as a decor piece in the room. The way that the oval is mirrored in the shape of the sink and then set off by the rectangular lights on either side creates a really interesting look. The placement of the sink and mirror here are nice as well since what you see in the mirror is the nature behind you.

Using a bold, large floor mirror as the focal point of the room can be all the artwork you need. Not only does it bring a sense of simplicity to your room, it reflects the light coming in from the window, giving your room an ethereal feel.


By adding mirrors to your home, you are playing a visual trick on whoever enters the room: the space looks larger than it really is. Make sure to place the mirror in a location that really takes advantage of the space and reflects more room rather than small decorative items, lamps, or the like.


So isn’t the mirror is the prettiest of them all!!!


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