God said: “Let there be LIGHT!!” and there was light. Light is a necessity. When natural light is missing we need an artificial resource. Humans conquered nature yet again by creating artificial lighting. Some 400,000 BC fire was found by an accident. Thereafter in 70,000 BC the first man made lamp was invented with hollow rock, dried grass/wood and animal fat and ignited. This transitioned to oil/kerosene/gas lamps and even invention of candles in 3000BC till electricity was born in 1800.

Let’s just fast forward to today, what comes to your mind when you hear the word lights and lamps, I’m pretty sure you imagine a really beautiful lamp, it came to my mind though when I pictured lights and lamps!

Gone are the days when the sole purpose of lights was to illuminate the area, perfect lights add drama to space by creating visual interest while playing its role as the illuminator. Lighting is used to highlight paintings, sculptures and your prized possessions and what not. With space getting smaller and list of our requirements getting bigger, lighting serves the purpose of décor. Investment in lighting could never go waste as the need of buying additional décor is eliminated.

Lights are so important when it comes to home décor because they can make a real difference. We all know that lights can brighten up a darkened room, but they can have more of an impact than we all realize.

All I am trying to say is different types of lighting can create different effects which are essential if you want your room to look good, while ensuring it’s lit up well.

In my upcoming articles I will explain how to choose lights for different areas of your house.

And always, let there be light!

Image courtesy: Orange tree